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“Mason Loh is an outstanding candidate and would represent the citizens of Vancouver very well. His long record of community service demonstrates his deep concern for others. Mason is a thoughtful individual who uses common sense to solve problems. Mason Loh would be a strong Member of Parliament.”

“Mason and I have worked together for many years in our community. He puts the needs of our diverse city ahead of everything else. We are so fortunate to have someone of Mason's calibre and experience stand for the nomination.”

“Mason Loh has dedicated his time and effort to serve our community for many decades. Certainly he has the leadership, experience and knowledge to represent the people and the community in the next Federal election.”

"Mason Loh, Q.C. is an outstanding member of our Chinese Canadian community. He is an exemplary model for new Canadians. I respect very much his integrity and abilities."

"Mason is totally selfless and completely dedicated to work for the betterment of our society."

“A long-time community services-oriented professional, Mason has earned his respect and reputation. The Liberal Party of Canada in B.C. should be proud to have a candidate of his status.”