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World Peace and Humanity


Mason is Chair of the International Committee of the Law Courts Education Society of B.C. to introduce the Canadian legal system to third world countries, including South Africa, Guatemala, Montenegro and China.  His committee set up a specialized training program for investigators and prosecutors from Central America and Mexico, at the RCMP’s Pacific Region Training Centre for an intensive and customized course on major case management. By providing this training and support, it is hoped local communities will be better equipped to deal with some of the world’s worst crime. The project is part of a 10-year process that includes training more than 600 prosecutors and some 300 technicians on all aspects of crime scene investigation and prosecution for third world countries.

Mason has been the leader of numerous disaster fundraising and relief projects such as the September 21st earthquake in Taiwan in 1999, floods in China in 2002, South East Asian Tsunami in 2004 and the snow storm in China in 2008. He continues to be supportive of many similar efforts.

Mason’s ability to organize and mobilize is well recognized.  He understands and cares about the needs of the community.  And he works hard to build the community.  During his four year term as the Chairman of SUCCESS, he led the unprecedented efforts of raising over $10 million from the community for immigrant and social services and capital projects.  He successfully lobbied the governments for one time aggregate capital grants of over $20 million in land value and cash, and annual operating grants for senior services of $6 million.  His efforts were instrumental in the building of the SUCCESS Social Services Building and SUCCESS Seniors Care Home.