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Mason believes Canada's future prosperity depends on increased trade with the Asia Pacific countries.  For over 20 years, he has leveraged his professional and business experience and connections to build a bridge across the Pacific.  He has business clients from Canada and the Asia Pacific regions and he assisted them in doing business across international boundaries.  In 1988, one of the largest law firms in Vancouver relied on Mason to open and manage its branch office in Hong Kong which became profitable in its second year of operation.  Since 1990, he has returned to reside in Vancouver and operated a successful law practice which assisted hundreds, if not thousands, of clients to do business in Canada and the Asia Pacific regions.

Because of Mason's business experience, knowledge of the Canadian economy and immigrants, he has worked hard on pushing the Canadian governments and businesses to recognize and utilize the tremendous human resources in the immigrant community.  As Chairman of SUCCESS and the CTCMA, he has lobbied for the recognition of foreign credentials of immigrants for the benefits of both the Canadian economy and the immigrants themselves.  As an immigrant himself, he believes in the rapid integration of immigrants into Canadian labour force.