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Human Rights and Education


Mason has been a Director of the Law Courts Education Society since 1998. He believes that our justice system has been built to protect the rights and freedoms of everyone who lives in Canada. His view is that for residents of Canada to exercise these rights and freedoms, and in essence to access justice, it is important that we understand exactly how our system works and how it is here to help protect us and our families. Mason works hard to achieve those goals.  He helps to provide hands-on educational programs and services to the general public, as well as to youth, First Nations people, ethnic and immigrant communities, deaf people, those with special learning disabilities, and other groups that might otherwise be marginalized. To these ends, Mason assists those working within the justice system (judges, lawyers, sheriffs, and other justice system personnel) to become more aware of the barriers that certain groups face in accessing our justice system. And he helps to identify new ways in which the justice system can be made more accessible to all.

Mason works hard to promote education, especially legal education, and to ensure that the opportunity to learn is open to all. He takes the time to assist new immigrants to Canada in becoming aware about legal issues and to provide legal assistance to those with low income as well as others in coming to grips with legal problems. Educating the public on the procedure and operation of the justice system is a commitment that Mason continually honours. Between 1995 and 1997, Mason was a director of Open Learning Agency of B. C., which promotes learning opportunities for the geographically and economically disadvantaged and includes the Knowledge Network educational T.V. station. As a board member of St. George's School in Vancouver for 10 years, Mason has had a unique opportunity to provide young people with a view of the world that includes a balanced, purposeful life and a sense of social responsibility.